Thermal Braces® are the best combination of hot treatment. They combine the effectiveness of compression together with benefits of hot pack. Thermal Braces® are useful in case of treating both chronic condition or rehabilitation program and injury prevention. Wrap around design provides effective adjustment to target the compression for a custom fit.


Thermal Braces® offers increased tissue elasticity and improves blood flow. The braces consist of 2 parts:

  1. Innovative wrap around brace made of UniPren™. Universal size brace is easy to adjust. It provides excellent compression and enhances healing by keeping the hot temperature. The UniPren™ fabric is waterproof and keeps your clothes dry.
  2. Professional hot (cold) pack filled with non-toxic gel. It can be heat (or freeze) fast, after only seconds in the microwave or freezer. It is reusable and high durable product.

These innovative ice braces are our patented solution.